Monday, March 8, 2010

Behind the Design: DDXP Notes

This is the first page from the oldest WotC notebook I've found (though I think I have an older legal pad somewhere). Click the image to enlarge it. It runs down some suggestions from a fan seminar at D&D Experience (when it was in DC). Since this came before the 4E announcement, you'll see suggestions for 3.5 products and Dungeon Tiles. The group was primarily made up of RPGA players, leading to requests for RPGA content on the podcast.

It's interesting to see what suggestions became reality, like ship Dungeon Tiles (as an RPGA DM Reward), non-collectable minis, and RPGA details on the podcast. Having each D&D Insider subscriber become an RPGA member automatically didn't happen, sadly. One cool part was the idea that there should be more "insider info" at DDXP. Of course, the next year at the con was when people got the very first chance to play 4th Edition!

You'll see at the bottom that rumors were already out there about 4E (though they were just as likely based on conjecture as on leaks). Unsurprisingly, the invested RPGA/Living Greyhawk players weren't too excited about the idea. Then again, few people were before details started coming out. I remember the chill that went through the room during the 4E announcement at GenCon.

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